Indoor Ranger

Indoor Ranger Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera

IMAGE: Indoor Ranger PTZ Camera

Indoor Ranger

  • 36x Zoom Lens
  • 12x Digital Zoom
  • 360°Continuous Pan
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Celing Mount Indoor Ranger

IMAGE: Celing Mount Indoor Ranger

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The Indoor Ranger PTZ Camera sports a High-Speed Sony Camera Module (“Read more about the Sony module we use in the Indoor Long Ranger PTZ”), with 36x zoom and 12x digital zoom- while producing 540 lines of resolution.

Better still, with our new patented “snap-in” camera module – the Indoor Long Ranger PTZ is now the easiest PTZ to install. Simply cut a hole in your ceiling substrate (any type will work), and all of the connections are made inside the pivoting base. Once that is done, the entire camera module and pan/tilt assembly snaps in. This new design means that you can “snap-in” a completely different module at any time, or simply un-snap the module for service in a matter of seconds. The Indoor Long Ranger PTZ is loaded with other features as well:

  • High-speed maneuvering (preset speed up to 540 degrees/second)
  • 360 degrees endless turning and auto-picture-flip when tilting past straight down
  • 220 pre-sets and 4 full tours (32 pre-sets per tour possible)
  • 4000 volt lightning and surge protection built in
  • Multi-language on-screen menu (English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.)
  • 7 alarm inputs and 2 relay outputs with linking to preset positions you designate (example: hook a motion detector to an input and when motion is detected, the PTZ will turn to look at the area automatically)
  • Auto “Home” position- returns automatically after manual manipulation
  • 24V AC Power (transformer included)
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Indoor Ranger Specifications

Image Sensor ¼" Sony Exview HAD CCD
Resolution 540 TV Lines
Lens 3.4 - 122.4mm
Zoom Ratio Optical 36x, Digital 12x
Address 0~255
Pan range 360°Continue
Tilt range 0°~90° Flip
Manual speed Pan 0.1~300°/Sec
Manual speed Tilt 0.1~120°/Sec
Preset speed 400°/Sec
Preset accuracy ±0.10°
Preset points 128 Points
Operation menu "Multi-Language (English chinese German ?French, Russian, Italian, Spanish.)"
Function display Yes
User admin Master/Operator password setup and operation lock setup
Operator Authorization Authorization of operator programming
Date/Time setup and display Date/time display on sreen and modify
Assignment Programming "8 assignments programming,operation mode,function matter setup etc."
Power Timer Programming Power ON/OFF and Mode setup
Alarm in Programming "8 inputs,normality setup,Notice Label display,Trigger or recall function,Prior,Operation time setup "
Alarm out Programming "2 outputs,4 triggers,Label display,Operation time setup etc."
Temperature setup and display "Temperature alarm, Notice Label display and temperature display on sreen"
Operation crosshair function Yes
Pan and Tilt position display Yes
privacy zones (Masking) 4 Programable Zones (depend on installed camera)
Sector label display 8 Programable Zones
Recall Function Yes
PTZ Tours (Pattern) 3 Programable (Pan/Tilt/Zoom and each tour is 120 seconds)
Operation return function Yes
Vector scan groups 6 Programable(Dwell time speed preset point and embed other vector scan or PTZ tours)
Integrate multi-protocol Pelco_D/P Actiontop Alec
Auto Scan with Smart Programable variable speed
High efficient 3-dimension scan Yes
Long-focus speed-limited Yes
Intelligent power off real time memory Yes
Home position Yes
Supporting camera Sony
Camera menu operation Yes
Manual operation Endless
IP66 for outdoor use No
Operating Temperature 0?~50?
Humidity 0%~90% (Non condensing)
Heater in operation No
Power 24VAC 2A 60Hz/50Hz
Consumption 20W
communication RS485 (+/-)
Connection BNC cable