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Video Cameras could be the most valuable piece of equipment at your car wash!

Just ask the hundreds of car wash owners who have reported that their system has caught countless thieves and vandals, illegal dumping, oil and other contaminants being drained into the pits, fraudulent claims of damage in the Automatic Bays, fraudulent slip and fall claims, employee theft, drug deals, and the list goes on and on......

Are you starting to see how a Digital Camera System with sharp, clear pictures can actually pay for itself in a short time?

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New at Car Wash
HD-SDI Megapixel Cameras & DVR’s.

Now record and watch video of your car wash operations in true 1080p or 720p high definition, The defiant HD-SDI dome cameras capture video at 2.2 megapixel and transmit the signal over standard coax video cable with no video quality loss. The HD-SDI Megapixel DVR’s can record up to 16 HD-SDI cameras simultaneously in Full HD 1080p for each channel (or choose 720p), Dual Streaming Controls for Optimizing Network or Internet Viewing with 3G Mobile Viewer (Devices with Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 or higher / iPhone / Android / Blackberry ).

HD-SDI Now available in our patented N-Spex Mega Stix, MegaPixel Tunnel Cams and HD-SDI Dome Cameras along with the Ultra Long Range IR120 Magnum HD-SDI Megapixel.

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Below is a few of our favorite Car Wash Videos sent in by our customers.

Car Wash Robbed

IMAGE: Thief Stealing Blackberry

Thief Stealing Blackberry

IMAGE: Thief Stealing Blackberry

Gasoline and a Vacuum Cleaner

IMAGE: Gasoline and a Vacuum Cleaner

Carwash Thief

IMAGE: Carwash Thief