Manufacturing Digital Security Systems for the Car Wash Industry since 1993

***There have been some reports of unethical websites pretending to be our company. Please be aware of any web addresses that have the words "carwash" & "cameras" in them but include other words in the website name, also.

Our web address is

***Please be aware that there are some new competitors out there that are selling Digital Systems for Car Washes.

Note that some are selling cameras they say are for car washes, but are simply using cameras that were made for RV's as "Back-up" cameras. They figure that since they are weather-proof, that they will work in car washes. NOT SO!  

These cameras are 1/4" instead of 1/3" and also do not provide any side-to-side adjustments. They can only look up or down.  They also do not have any special coatings on the lenses to resist chemical etching (presoaks, etc.)

Also, please look closely at the DVR's they are selling, as they are PC-based and in some cases will record at only 3 frames per second  (60 frames total - divided by 16 cameras).

Please compare specs and investigate before you buy!  And Remember - we provide a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY on all our products.

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